Bio for William (Will) H. Nuckols III
Mr. William Nuckols is a scientist by background and a policy expert and communicator by practice.
His 20+ years of work in the field of environmental science and policy is well respected, and he has received awards and letters recognizing his contributions by President Obama, the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, members of Congress and members of industry.
He is an expert at combining the capabilities of multiple government agencies and NGOs and working toward a unified and targeted goal. In particular Mr. Nuckols has led several projects which have utilized needs expressed by the military for training or proof of concept trials for weapons systems with interests of federal environmental agencies such as DOC/NOAA, DOI, USDA, DHS and EPA. His track record for success includes leveraging the skills and interests of senior career and political SES officials along with representatives from the Executive Office of the President to accomplish high profile, multi-agency projects in Florida, Washington State and Hawaii.
His skills in strategic communications and his experience as a spokesperson for federal and NGO organizations has resulted in his appearances on international, national and regional TV. Radio interviews of Mr. Nuckols have appeared several times on National Public Radio in the United States, Canadian Broadcast Company, and in Australia and Europe. Articles about Mr. Nuckols’ work on oceans have appeared in print in numerous publications in several languages.
His expertise in multi-agency programs and policies has been called upon to brief members of Congress, officials in multiple Presidential Administrations, as well as elected and career officials in state governments and representatives of foreign countries. 
Will’s environmental work is diverse and has ranged from designing the recreated wetlands half of a 1,100 acre island on the Chesapeake Bay, to cleaning up derelict fishing gear from the Pacific Northwest and legacy marine debris in Hawaii and Florida. His work on climate change adaptation includes analyzing Atlantic Coast States’ plans for responding to sea level rise for EPA. His projects in the southeast United States has included work that combined the salvage capabilities of the US Army and Navy, the marine transportation capabilities of the Army, the facilities and diving support of the US Coast Guard, the roll-on-roll-off cargo capabilities of Broward County, Florida’s Port Everglades and solid waste and waste-to-energy expertise of the US EPA and the Florida Department of the Environment to design and implement an effort that worked to recover materials from the ocean that were continuing to kill coral reefs off of the Ft. Lauderdale shoreline and turn them into a resource that would produce power for Florida families and businesses.
From 2007-2009 Mr. Nuckols directly staffed the Deputy assistant Secretary of Commerce and NOAA Chief of Staff as their military liaison. He has worked with a number of non-profit groups, and is the Director for Policy for the Man in the Sea Memorial Monument, Executive Director for Eco-Tan, a non-profit environmental organization, and serves as the Director for Public Affairs for Team 4MIL – a component of the Wounded Warrior Project. Since 1998 Mr. Nuckols has served as the Principal of W.H. Nuckols Consulting, an environmental policy and strategic communications company located in Washington, D.C. 

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